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Why Do You Need This Course?

• Are you intimidated by legal language on contracts?
• Do you fear or dread “marketing” or “selling”?
• Do you have difficulty getting or staying organized?
• Are you somewhat successful & ready to take your career to the next level?
• Do you need help finding industry resources?
• Are you unsure of how to approach manufacturers?
• Are you concerned your lack of knowledge will cause you to be taken advantage of by a
manufacturer or publisher?
• Do you fear attending industry trade shows?

The trick in all this is to find ways to get yourself up to speed in the industry without it being a major distraction from your life as an artist.

The Licensing Course is one of these ways.

The Licensing Course contains much of the “basic knowledge” that licensing agents have known & used for years. It also contains the “inside knowledge” of how to get good deals and how to negotiate a fair royalty as well as an advance in many cases, something that most artists find difficult. Knowing how to present your work as well as which shows to attend are all part of the learning curve. Targeting the right kind of companies is often overlooked by many artists. Researching what kind of products they produce is a key factor in ensuring you are producing and sending the styles of work which ‘fit” their needs.

So What Is Holding You Back From Licensing Your Work?

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