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“The Licensing Course” arrives in a ring binder together with a DVD of “Art & Design Licensing” . The DVD is approximately 80+ minutes of a “Marketing Bootcamp” seminar given in Santa Fe, New Mexico to a group of around 220 artists from across the US. You will find in informative and helpful as it also contains examples of licensed products as well as anecdotes from the author’s long career in the industry.

Note; The course is designed to suit absolute beginners in licensing as well as artists and designers who have been in the industry a while and need to increase their income by understanding more about how the industry works. Experienced artists will find some of the early material quite basic but it never hurts to go over old ground as it is important that the course covers all aspects of licensing, particularly for the beginner. As you will see from the testimonials even seasoned professionals have found the material valuable.

Artists who have some experience of Licensing will still find a great deal of useful information and ideas. If you are like me and learn only one or two new facts or strategies from a course or book then I feel the experience was worthwhile. Those few facts can make a huge difference if used in the right way particularly if they bring in more business and help you increase your income.

It is possible to earn a substantial income by building an Art Licensing Program. I have enjoyed and made an excellent living in this industry for over 30 years. It is my pleasure that I can now share this knowledge with you. My goal with The Licensing Course is to help you improve your own lives so you can enjoy a successful and rewarding career in one of the most exciting industries on the planet.

Michael R Woodward

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