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The Lessons

The Course is comprised of six easy to follow, step by step lessons taking you through the various stages from getting organized to sending out presentations and visiting trade shows.

Lesson 1
An Introduction to Copyright and establishing your business. Record keeping, copyright control, photography, CD’s, websites etc.

Lesson 2 What Kind of work shall I produce?
The Various market sectors and how to approach them. Greetings cards, Fine art prints, giclees, stationery and gift products, home décor, character merchandise and more. Trends and color palettes-keeping abreast.

Lesson 3 What do I charge for my work?
Negotiating fees. (a comprehensive guide which takes away the mystery of what to charge) Terms of Business and a licensing agreement. (this is a basic template which you can print out and use to license any client for straight forward licensing deals)

Lesson 4 Marketing and Targeting your Presentations
CD’s, mailers and email presentations. Trade Shows (the best ones to attend and how to approach new clients) Trade show etiquette.

Lesson 5 The potential market place
(This is a detailed guide about many aspects of the Licensing Industry covering Artist Brand Licensing and Art and Design as a Brand) Trademarks, Overseas markets and Overseas Agents.

Lesson 6 Agents
Self Publishing; giclees costs and price guide.Book-keeping and keeping the IRS happy.
Useful names and addresses ie Art magazines, books, organisations, lawyers.

What You Get

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