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The Licensing Course

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Cost of Course $299.00 + Shipping and Handling

The Licensing Course - 6 comprehensive lessons /ring binder format

PLUS Bonus Material included FREE with the course:

30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session
Trend Report: Color trends and new “looks” 
Art & Design Licensing Seminar 2003 DVD
Presentation samples i.e. flyers and mailers     

Value $200
Value $100
Value $50

Total $350.00

30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session
You will receive a 30 minute telephone coaching session to discuss your work and advice will be given as to what you should do to produce work which is suitable for today's market and which product categories are suitable for the work. You can ask questions and seek further advice during this telephone session.

Trend Report: color trends and new “looks” 
Information which is gleaned from sources around the world, trade shows, trade magazines and clients  on current and future trends, new color palettes and  subjects which are in “vogue”. This type of information is normally very expensive and inaccessible to most artists.

Art & Design Licensing Seminar 2003 DVD
“Art & Design Licensing” Recorded in Santa Fe New Mexico in October 2003 this seminar takes a comprehensive look into the world of licensing. Artists and crafts people from all over America attended this unique Marketing Bootcamp in order to learn about marketing and promoting their work. Art Design Licensing is an 80 minute seminar which introduces the artist to this $180 billion industry. Learn about license agreements, how to generate multiple royalty streams, the 12 key property sectors, what opportunities are available in the many market sectors, creating an Art Brand, examples of successful licensing programs and the importance of trade shows like Surtex and the New York Licensing Show. Learn about the costs of exhibiting, attending and the ins and outs of how it all works. Running time approx 80mins.


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