Consultancy Service

I offer a consultancy service to small businesses (Photographers, Illustrators and Fine Artists) who are interested in creating, expanding or evaluating the licensing of their designs or services. Building an “Art Brand” or any Brand for that matter is a long process and one which should be carefully planned beforehand in terms of trademarks, logos and building a strong identity. However as more manufacturers see the significance of branding and the value it can add to the bottom line, a few companies, in particular greetings card publishers, are refusing to use artist’s logos – the logic being that they wish to promote their own “brand image’. This makes it increasingly difficult to promote new “properties”. 

The industry has been facing many challenges over the past few years and even more so now as internet sales have had a huge impact on most industries as have cheap imports from China in the canvas giclee market. It is therefore imperative to create a plan which harnesses the changing landscape of business in this volatile economy. 

I don’t have any “magic” formulas or all the answers but I do have 35 years of experience in the licensing industry to offer. My aim is to take a cold hard look at what you are presently doing, evaluate what you are offering and eliminate what will not sell or doesn’t have enough commerciality to be successful.  

I can offer ideas and suggestions in terms of what clients are looking for, and what trends and colors are important.

I will 

  • Advise which trade shows to attend and exhibit at
  • Help with or create licensing agreements
  • Assist with contract issues
  • Advise on Royalty rates
  • Critique your design concepts, photography or artwork
  • Evaluate all your activities to ensure you optimize your income
  • Offer suggestions and  send resource information  

To schedule an appointment please call my office between 10am and 5pm (EST) Mon to Fri. 

Please send a CD showing the work that you are producing or a websites link so I can look at your work. It will be useful if you also email me with a simple outline of your current activities and details of any licenses you’ve issued. Explain what you are trying to achieve so I can evaluate our consultation.

A typical consultancy takes approx two hours of my time- including an hour one to one by phone. 

A Consultation can save you weeks, even months of effort and expense trying to license work which just doesn’t “fit” in today’s market.





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