Art and Photography Licensing Coaching Sessions

Around 90% of all the presentations I receive are either unsuitable, inappropriate for the market or do not have enough focus to attract a publisher or manufacturer

The aim of a private coaching session is to evaluate your work in relation to the market you wish to enter and to give advice as to how you can make improvements to the work and/or which are the best avenues to pursue in the licensing arena. I will critique the work submitted in respect to the market you want to license in and should the work be unsuitable, suggest ways you can improve what you produce to ensure your work fits current trends and colors. I can also, if appropriate, suggest clients you may wish to approach once your portfolio is ready.

Part one- Artists should send a good presentation either by email or as a CD showing all the work available as low resolution images. Alternatively direct me to your website. A SASE should be enclosed for return of material if you wish CD returned.

Part two- You will receive a 45-60 minute telephone coaching session to discuss the work and advice will be given as to what you should do to produce work which is suitable for today’s market and which product categories are suitable for the work. You can ask questions and seek further advice during this telephone session.

Part three- You will receive several emails with suggestions, examples of work for inspiration and helpful websites to visit as well as contacts where appropriate. This can usually takes me another hour.

I normally only offer this service to artists and photographers who are already working professionals or who are producing work to a professional standard. Total cost of consultation is $325.00

“I guarantee it will change your perception of licensing and increase your chances exponentially”

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