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The Benefits

The Licensing Course is a straight-forward no-nonsense approach to licensing written for you, the artist. The knowledge you gain can be the first step to helping you to increase your income and allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor & talents. You will have the powerful knowledge on what to charge, how to negotiate fees, how to strike a good deal, how to recognize a deal that is not in your best interests, how to impress clients and more importantly, how to create a professional freelance business.

THE COURSE covers:

HOW TO: protect your rights and covers copyright law in simple language.
HOW TO: negotiate and work out what fees to charge.
HOW TO: increase your income by negotiating royalties on licenses.
HOW TO: find new markets
HOW TO: best present your work.
HOW TO: produce work which sells
HOW TO: keep abreast of trends

The Lessons

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